The entire project was created thanks to Julia Stepanova, who settled in Belgrade during the year 2000. Soon after she formed her own company and opened her first studio, gathered a team of like-minded people so that today she would run several studios in the most beautiful locations in the capital of Serbia.

Considering that we are someone who always strives for progress, studio finally decides to take the step further and start online cooperation and thus offer support to those who want to try their luck out, but are unable to access our physical studio. 15 years of constant international work and thousands of models with whom we have worked can attest to our success; some of them are still with us -  promoted managers, coaches and recruiters...

Our partnership is solely based on an accommodating business type, because we established our success by listening to our associates and the market's needs. Behind our models are people with experience who aspire to share it with others as well, creativity that looks for a new inspirations and ambition.