To apply for and create a profile on each of the chat platforms, you must first be 18 years old, have an photo of your ID card, driver's license, or passport, and a photo of yourself with a valid identification document. All informations are stored in data base and kept till the models profile is active.

Take care that all sent photos are clearly readable, as registartion can be denied in case of the blur.

This protocol is simply required in order to stop abuse and indentity stealing.

Webcam models, like all models, have their own profiles, like they have a book.

Most of you have had social media profiles for a long time and are familiar with how to set them up.

The first impression, in this case your portfolio or profile with basic information about you, is the most important (pseudonym, height, eye color, age, zodiac sign...)
The gallery of your photos and videoss takes up the majority of the profile; you can organize albums of your own choosing that are visible to everyone, and some that can be locked for a fee.

Make sure your profile appears to reflect who you are, because people will paythe most attention to it, even if it doesn't appear to do so at times.

Click on the registration option, fill the form, check the model option and intructions will soon appear in you email.

All you should know about the privacy.