Communication and Users

The basic used language is English, don’t be scared it doesn’t have to be British grammatically correct, basic speech level of communication is required + there is a chance you can improve or refresh your foreign languages, even learn some more.

Until you don’t feel “ready”, there are plenty of tools like google translator or Grammarly, even the most chat platforms had one already build in. All of those tools are helpful for beginners in many ways – copy paste greetings, goodbye messages, until you find your own style.

Things will start to flow easier when you start actually meeting people, talking with them, and getting to know them. I guess you cannot even imagine some regular guy sitting in front of the screen paying for a chat? In that case, welcome to the future, are you familiar that in China people are actually paying for the physical company (nope, I'm not talking about escorts nor hookers, they aren't very welcomed in camming world-prohibited). In the last few years we become more and more attached to technology, computers, and phones, we live on stream! 

The difference between this media and socially accepted media is probably the MONEY fact because your camming profile actually should look like a "normal" one. The slight difference is that you can sell your profile content in camming world, on social media someone else is doing it instead of you, trust me.


I hope this comparison explained the whole point a bit better.