Put your feet on the couch, take off your clothes, pour yourself a glass of drink, turn on the hard-core metal at 3 am, open the curtains, turn on the lights, and hope that no one will be curious enough to peek or ring the bell!

Hah, you would peek first, I know!

But that’s undoubtedly the most stupid move to make, the same stands for MODEL PRIVACY.

First and foremost, as a studio and then as experienced model our high suggestion is not to exchange your private information such as real name and last name, phone numbers, emails, address whatever will lead someone to you. Breaking these rules also considers account suspension and further collaboration interruption.

From time to time someone will tease you with a fine offer, sending money out of the platforms, booking places, flight tickets, jewelry... in order for info exchange, do not buy it.

Everything someone wants to give you can do only through your registered account. Don’t let hunger for money fool you.


Your real name or surname will not be revealed, all personal information is hidden from public view (on some platforms, the flag of the country you are from is displayed), create your own virtual pseudonym, or if that fails, we always have an ace in our sleeve, just reach to us out and we will gladly help.

Sharing personal information with members is strictly prohibited and punishable by account suspension, according to one of their platforms' golden rules.

How much you reveal about yourself and to whom is entirely up to you, as long as the preceding guidelines are followed.

Personally, I have never been a braggart; I have always tried to share information about myself only with people who share my interests and spend time with me. Privacy also applies to the photos you share on social media; make sure they are not the same as your model profile, as this will make determining your identity much easier.

I have never mentioned the names of my friends or acquaintances, and an important note, never show people under the age of 18, or individuals in general who are not registered on the platform, in the photos.

It's a huge relief to know that you don't have to reveal anything about yourself to anyone unless you want to.

Full freedom over your decisions!

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